Prompt Removal of a Fallen Oak Tree in West Salem, WI

Prompt Removal of a Fallen Oak Tree in West Salem, WI

by | Jun 20, 2024

A resident in West Salem, WI, called Tree Loving Care for the removal of a felled oak tree on their property. They required emergency tree removal because the fallen tree damaged their fence, which also prompted debris removal so they could repair the fence.

After searching “Tree removal near me,” they determined Tree Loving Care could provide the best tree removal service. The company completed the job quickly and to the satisfaction of the homeowner.


Removal of a Fallen Oak Tree 3


Project Overview: Land Clearing in West Salem, WI

  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: West Salem, WI
  • Type of service: Removal of felled oak tree
  • Equipment and products used: Loader and three-man crew for faster cleanup and job time
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Client preferences: The client had a large oak tree that fell onto their property, causing damage to their fence. Our team was successfully able to haul away the tree and all debris from the site.


Removal of a Fallen Oak Tree 3


Tree Removal and Debris Hauling in West Salem, WI

The homeowner required a tree removal company to safely remove a fallen oak tree. Tree Loving Care determined they could provide tree cutting with only a loader and a three-man crew. In addition to professional tree removal, the homeowner required debris removal so they could access the damaged fence for repairs.

While a smaller crew could complete the job, the company opted for a three-man crew for maximum efficiency. The company only required a loader as the primary equipment for the tree removal

Overcoming West Salem Tree Removing Challenges

Removing the oak tree required some planning, but the crew encountered no major challenges. The tree had damaged a chain-link fence when it fell, which required the crew to meticulously haul away the debris without causing further damage.

The tree also fell beneath some power lines. The crew remained aware of their surroundings and avoided any safety issues or property damage. Though technically a one-time job, the company left the client happy and willing to hire them again.

Creating Satisfied West Salem Customers After Tree Removal

After the successful removal of a felled oak tree, the homeowners could access their fence and safely repair it. With the additional service of hauling away the debris, the area looked like a tree had never fallen there. The homeowner obtained the peace of mind of knowing the tree would no longer cause problems on their property.

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Removal of a Fallen Oak Tree 3

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